Case study - Wentworth House

08th December 2021
Wentworth Woodhouse, South Yorkshire

The Potterton Commercial Sirius 3 Floor Standing 150 boilers met all the criteria. This range offers high gross seasonal efficiencies, a wide 9:1 modulation ratio for improved efficiency and boiler longevity, weather compensation functionality for reduced operational costs and stainless-steel heat exchangers for reliable and energy-efficient heat transfer.

The estates team specified installing two Sirius three FS 150 boilers, supplied with integrated plate heat exchangers and boiler shunt pump kits for ease of installation, to achieve a total output of 300kW. A third boiler will be installed at a later date, to ensure optimum reliability of the service. The plate heat exchangers and additional filtration will protect the new boilers from any system contaminants for increased longevity, while ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency.

NRC Services Ltd were appointed the project contractors and the project was completed within the two-month schedule.

Nathan Briddock, Mechanical Divisional Director at NRC said: “Given the nature of the building, the project involved the typical refurbishment challenges, all of which we were able to successfully overcome.

“We were really impressed with the Sirius three boilers and the support we received from Baxi Heating throughout the project,” said Nathan.

The boilers are supplied with the latest Siemens controls with state-of-the-art PCB for improved control options.

“The Baxi Heating technical department was extremely helpful,” Nathan continued, “providing detailed instruction on wiring the new built-in intelligent boiler controls in conjunction with weather compensation and control of the existing pumped heating zones and domestic hot water circuit.”