Jeff House takes part in SGN's podcast 'Heat without carbon'

31st July 2020
Jeff House New

Jeff House, Head of External Affairs at Baxi Heating, was recently invited to take part in a podcast for SGN, in which a number of industry experts explored the options available for decarbonising heat. 'Heat without carbon' provides a comprehensive and balanced briefing on the role of green gas in our shared future for energy. Jeff joined Angus McIntosh of SGN, Mark Neller, Director at ARUP, and Tim Harwood from NGN for this interesting discussion.


Transcription of the introduction to the podcast

The climate emergency is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world over the next decade. To reverse global warming, it will require nations, companies and organisations to work in partnership and put in place the means to decarbonise difficult sectors, like heating, transport and heavy industry.


Phasing out the carbon rich natural gas that today heats around 85% of UK homes and fuels almost 40% of our electricity generation is one of the greatest opportunities for decarbonisation. Replacing natural gas with hydrogen and biomethane will be fundamental to achieving the UK’s net zero targets. Hydrogen produces no carbon when it burns and has the potential to significantly cut the carbon footprint of homes, businesses and transport networks – and potentially offering one of the most cost-effective pathways to decarbonisation with minimal disruption for energy consumers.


In Heat without carbon we explore the options for consumers and the energy sector. We’ll be reviewing current research projects and drawing on the insights and opinions of renowned experts in the field, our partner organisations and colleagues from SGN’s Energy Futures team. Tune in to Heat without carbon for a comprehensive and balanced briefing on the role of green gas in our shared future for energy.


Listen to the podcast here