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The 2019 amendment to the Climate Change Act commits the UK to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to Net-Zero by 2050

The 2019 amendment to the Climate Change Act commits the UK to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to Net-Zero by 2050.  To achieve this bold target, there has to be a step change in the way we heat our homes, businesses and public buildings.  It is no longer possible to put off tough decisions - the heating industry, the government and the public must work together to innovate, legislate and accept the change that is required to meet such ambitious targets.

The largest element of the decarbonising challenge will be the treating of the circa 28million existing dwellings, of which 80% will still be in use in 2050.  When dealing with older and less thermally efficient buildings, the technically and economically viable solutions become restrained.

At Baxi Heating, we believe that a mix of different technologies will offer a combined solution to the challenge. These include:

  • Heat networks in dense urban environments

  • Decarbonisation of the gas grid (converting it to hydrogen)

  • Heat pumps where practicable, in highly insulated buildings


85% of UK homes rely on the natural gas grid for heating. Repurposing the gas grid to transport green gas offers a low disruption option towards decarbonising the existing building stock.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier which can be created at volume.  Both blue and green hydrogen offer zero carbon heat at the point of use.


  • Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, usually via steam-reforming, with carbon capture storage (CCS).

  • Green hydrogen is produced using renewable electricity for electrolysis, to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Find out how hydrogen could replace natural gas to provide zero carbon emissions for home heating. Baxi is proud to be at the forefront of this important new technology. 

Baxi’s hydrogen boiler

We are developing and testing boilers in our R&D laboratory that are running on 100% hydrogen. We are at the forefront of this exciting new technology.  Our parent company, BDR Thermea Group, has a hydrogen boiler on a field trial in Rozenburg, The Netherlands. You can read more about it here.


Features and benefits

  • Hydrogen ready combi and system boilers being developed

  • Zero carbon dioxide and zero carbon monoxide emissions - safer and cleaner than a conventional boiler

  • Very low NOx emissions

  • Similar installation and commissioning to a conventional boiler - low disruption for householders

  • Compact dimensions and low lift weight

  • 28kW modulating thermal output

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Baxi Heating is part of the Hydrogen Taskforce, a group of leading companies pushing hydrogen into the mainstream in the UK with a shared view of the opportunity and a collective position on the next steps that must be taken to ensure the UK capitalises on this opportunity. Read the Hydrogen Taskforce report ‘The role of hydrogen in delivering Net Zero' here.


Baxi is part of the government funded Hy4Heat project to establish if it is technically possible, safe and convenient to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings. We are developing domestic hydrogen boilers for demonstration. 


HyDeploy is the first ever live demonstration of hydrogen in homes, aiming to prove that blending up to 20% volume of hydrogen with natural gas is a safe and greener alternative to the gas we use now.  We have several new and existing boilers on trial.


We are proud to support the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen. Established in July 2018 it is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers that is raising awareness of an building support for large scale hydrogen projects.


The Energy Networks Association's Gas Goes Green - Delivering the pathway to net zero programme is a response to the challenge of climate change and to the energy industry appraisal of what the gas network operators need to do to enable the first steps to be taken in delivering net zero.


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